Image Branding for Hotel Fulda Mitte

Corporate Video - Homa Creativa
Many guests still know us as Holiday Inn Fulda. The framework agreement with Holiday Inn was dissolved and we are now available to you as the Hotel Fulda Mitte. In good humour, with many new ideas and this new page with particularly comfortable online booking, the new name and the new logo are already the most important changes.
The Management Team with General Manager Wolfram Killer and his deputy, Nicole Lingner, will continue to take care of your well being. The familiar faces at the reception, in the kitchen, and the service are fully preserved and look forward to the Hotel Fulda Mitte time.
This name was chosen because the Hotel Fulda Mitte was finally located in Fulda, the center of Germany, and in the middle of town Fulda. You can very easily reach the Hotel Fulda Mitte either by train or car.